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FC Dominos Partysomore ML CGC, RE, OA, OAJ, CD, AXJ

Dachshund Club of America- obedience Top Ten in 2009--- #10 in North America... 
DCA - Top 25 in Agility 2010

04/06/08  DCA specialty in the 12-18 mo class And a 1st place  over WD (winners dog) from previous day specialty. 

12/07/08- field pts- 4th place out of 19 dogs
4/17th/09 RE/Rally Excellent title with a first place  "Eyes and patella's OFA clear"

5/2nd/09 New Titles NA and NAJ  All 100 scores being shown by Jamie Sexton 

8/09, Ozzie now has two legs on his OA -Open    Agility title - always top of the classes. 

9/6/09 Ozzie got his first leg in Agility Ex. AX
10/4/09 finished his OAJ title
10/19/2009  CD TITLE
01/01/2013  Field Champion title completed
[email protected]
reference Dominos Dachshunds
So Austin, Texas 
very Limited breeding
Wire/Long and Smooth

 AKC Championship in one month
Oct 18th, 2008-first leg JE,Dallas,Tx.

Nov. 23rd, 08 out of 7 only one to finish-Achieved Cert of Gameness 
at his first Atwa trail  
        Jan 3rd,o8 got his first  field pts- sec              place out of 19 dogs 
Finished his MasterEarthdog title and
finished his Field ch in style, going absolute over a field of 59 dogs and bitches in Southern Calif in Jan 2015, under some of the best judges I have known. I love that place..tough competition. 

Tanner MLcp won 1st place in the male class , Blue ribbon (above) and then won against the winner of the Bitch class and the Field champion class to get ABSolute winner ( like Best in Show) Below 2015.  Tanner has 6 champions at this time..
ABS FCh Dominos Depth OF Winter MLcp ME out of Pearl MLP  below
handled by Cathy Sorenson of Seattle area
pedigree for   Tanner ML
DOMINOS MINI BLACK PEARL MLP ME CGC  born in March 2001, AKC  conformation pt'ed & 31pts in the field 
(has 2-1st places and a Best Of Winners) 
two legs toward her RN. 
First Piebald Long Canadian Champion    (Passed)
Can Ch Dominos Miss American Pi MSP 
1st Canadian Champion piebald any coat
Ch Dominos Humble Pie MLP-Hummer
1st Pie long Male to finish his title.
4pt Major WD/BOW/BOB  (collected)
WD/BOW July 2009 - 2 pts ea day(First points!) Judges Claire Sidel/ Mr. William Bergum 
                     Out of Tanner
New Champion Dominos Crystal at Johsu MLP  (many great wins)Winners/Best of Winners/Best of Opposite sex 
at NatlMini Dachie show.. 1st pie long female champion.    
           "CRYSTAL" out ofTanner 
Ch Packers Chocolate Valentine MLC  
my first long champion . She produced Dezi to the right
I founded Dominos in 198 founded DominI founded Dominos in 198in 1989 in Puyallup, Wa. 

My dream was to breed the first piebald wire dachshunds. It was very difficult because the quality of all piebalds at that time was very bad- it took alot of time and money and energy to get a good healthy and lovely piebald dachshund. I do have more information on this subject and will put some links here so you can read more about it. 
  Most of my dogs carry the gene- I don't apologize to those who may not like the gene- they can buy somewhere else. But i have continued to breed for the gene and hope that DCA , who I am a member of will become more enlightened and put the pattern in the standard. After all color is only skin deep!
  I have written several papers on the topic of piebalds- one is called "THE S-SPOTTING GENE"-explaining the genetics behind the whole gene and the other paper is "A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME" and this explains my breeding program. You can order these's from The National Miniature Club NMDCA or The Dachshund Club OF AMerica websites. Limited breeding program. Limited papers given on pets. 
Ch Dominos RDox Desire MLC 
            5pt major at Natl DCA) Dezi collected
NEW Grand CH Dominos Madaline MLP  (Below)
 Maddie out of Tanner MLcp
Two 4pt majors over specials Limited showing with 2 Best of Breeds so far.
FC Jalyse's Cowboy Casanova v Dominos ML BN,RA,OA,AXJ,JE,CAA  - Out of Ozzie MLP
FC Harlequin Jalyse Pandora vDominos ML ROM CDX,RE,MX,MXJ,XF,CAA - out of Ozzie MLP
CH JMK's Tom Collins Straight MLP- his mother was the first pie long to finish, he was the Second pie male long to finish  also out of Tanner.   collin was bred by Kristal Couch
FC Jalyse's Alora v Dominos ML ROM RE,CA, OA,NAJ,NF born - 4-11-2012,CERF'd - 4-11-13 - Out of Tanner  Normal,Patellas - both normal, CHIC # - 106797
CH JMK's Bailys On The Rocks ML 
out of Tanner ML      
 He was bred by Kristal Couch.. below. 
 New Champion Dominos Man in Black MLP   Working on his Grand championship.
New Ch Cash MLP won WD  and AOM at The Natl Mini Dach Specialty and a Major that weekend also. 
Frankie New Champion Dominos Music Man MLP
needs 5 pts to finish his Grand championship