Hi Melissa!  I'm writing this because Chester hasn't quite gotten the hang of typing.  His paws just don't stretch across the keys that well yet...
Jim took Chester to the vet yesterday morning.  He was healthy in every way.  Jim had the vet look at the little bump on Chester's tummy, and the vet said it was a little opening about the size of a pencil eraser with fat in it.  The vet says that if we push it in at just the right time, it might close with the fat inside, but it's no problem if it doesn't. So we've been pushing it in every time we see it sticking out - doesn't seem to bother Chester a bit.  
Right now Chester has hold of his tail and is turning circles under my feet.  He has been playing outside a lot, and he and Bree have been chasing each other all over the back yard.  He hasn't seemed to notice the cooler weather up here, and loves to get in all kinds of little tunnels and stuff behind the bushes (I do believe we need to check into how to do the Earthdog training).  
We have a pool, so we have to go out with him whenever he goes out, but so far he just stretches out as far as his body will reach and peeks over the edge at the water; he seems to know that it's not swimming weather.  I'm hoping he'll stay leery of the pool until the water is warmer, because I would really like him to have the opportunity to learn about the pool with us in the water with him. I think he might enjoy a swim if we acclimate him to it slowly...   
We just can't get over what a great pup he is!   - wild and crazy when he plays, and sweet and cuddly and calm when you hold him.  He's sleeping from about 10 till about 6:30 in the morning - cries a little when we tell him goodnight, and sometimes cries in the morning if he wakes up before we come get him.  I predict that he'll be sleeping with us soon...
We'll send some more pictures soon - Jim was out taking some more this morning!  Give Chester's littermates a little scratch for us!    :)cyn
Puppy one- mini wire male
Puppy two went to a nice young family south of me-  he visited twice before he picked up the pup and liked my small but to the point contract. He is lawyer. 
    Very happy with his new boy and will get me pictures and a email this week. He did talk to the new parents of puppy number three when they asked for referances- 
Puppy number three went to a retired couple that had recieved a 6 wk old puppy from a broker in the san antonio area about 4 wks ago. They kept the puppy alive for 2 weeks, took him to 4 vets and they all told them something different- some said it was distemper/parvo but i didnt believe that was what it was - there was no diareaha and vomiting.  
     It costs them $2000 in vet costs and they didnt want another thing like this to happen to them.  it was a very sad and inexcuseable story. I guess the broker gave them back their money but wouldnt admit it was his fault.  So they asked tons of questions and wanted to talk to the people who had already bought puppies from the litter.  That is why they finally decided to come and check the little boy out. 
     The litter i have is 12 weeks old with 2 shots already and very healthy-and I was hoping their vet wouldnt find anything wrong. But I always worry.
     When they came the wife was open but the husband didnt want to be here- he was mad about going thru the whole thing.  He wouldnt sit on the couch and let the dogs greet him but I had several of my older females in and they kept trying to engage him- finally he started to pet them. The couple noticed that the pups were loving - wanted to kiss all the time, willing allowed the wife to put them on thier backs and would run back into the kennel run I had them in to get drinks of water. Apparently their puppy was listless and didnt drink water much.  We discussed what it might be and thought it be an immune problem.  
      The husband finally let his guard down and sat on the couch, both of my little smooth piebald girls got up next to him and tried to kiss him and love him- but just laid on him or next to him- he ended up laying on the couch- I was so proud of my little girls.  
      They took little bubba home and except for needing some eye drops for one eye that had some drainage - the vet said he was completely healthy- they had his stool checked for every bug or parasite they could check. The vet took 10 mins trying to find something in the stool-she said puppys always have something - but this boy didnt.
     I did call twice already to make sure he was doing well-lori said that he was a blessing . They were concerned about their daughters dog coming over so soon to play with the puppy and I said - let them play togeather.  The cat and puppy were playing togeather alot . That is the difference between getting a puppy that is 10-12 wks old and one that is 6wks old.  
      Dont buy from anyone but the breeder and dont buy a puppy younger than 9-10 weeks. The only people I allow to take a puppy at 9 wks is a couple that is at home and have had lots of experience.  puppys should not be taken from their mothers earlier than that- the mother needs to determine when she wants to ween the litter and the breeder supports that by keeping her in good shape. And shots given before 8 wks can depress the immune system of an animal. Its not good folks. 
Chester again!!!!!!!!
Hi Melissa!  Just wanted to let you know that we (and everyone who comes to see us) think Chester is just the best little dog imaginable!  But he's also a great nurse!  Our 16-year-old Bichon's health declined quickly a couple of weeks ago, and when it became apparent he was not going to get better and just stayed in his bed, it was Chester who came to the rescue, cuddling with him and turning himself into a pillow for our sweet old man.  (see pictures attached)

Hope all his littermates are doing as well, although I am sure we got the best of the bunch!  Thanks for all the care you have put into these pups!