Mashalas & Rayshels Page

Here is Mashala and her younger sister Rayshel, their family of goldens and then little Jeff. 
He is going with them to Eckanuba in Dec.  He is a finished champion and has been collected, I hope to get one litter from that. 11lbs and is well loved by both girls. Jeff is a showy little guy. The bottom picture is of him as a young man before his show career started. 

 Mashala explains her sisters interest in Jeff
Rayshel, took a huge intrest in Jeff and wants to show him in Juniors and preformance events.
Rayshel, is 13 years old and has a Golden bitch who is seven years old. She used to show my Golden in Juniors until my mom bred her and she lost all of her coat. She doesn't like showing big, strong dogs because she is very soft-handed and doesn't like correcting them but hates it when they pull. She has been working Jeff for Juniors alot, and usually we have to make her work a dog for Junior Showmanship. She also wants to show him in preformance events. Rally is one of her favorites. Her Golden has a RAE, the highest title you can get in Rally, and she wants to start a new dog in novice. I'll still show Jeff in confirmation until my sister becomes more comfortable and more experienced. At dog shows, my sister always has her dog with her. Once, my mom told her that she couldn't walk her dog around because it would make her tired before she ran in Agility, so she put a dog bed on a crate dolly and pulled her dog around the show! She is deffinatly a dog lover first and a competitor second.